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I am a man about the business of taking care of business, minding my own business and staying out of yours. I don't care what devices people use to separate themselves from others (religion, money, race, gender, class, intelligence etc.) at the end of the day you came from the earth and so shall you return. The only advice I have is try to live and love without fear.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Male sensitivity mirroring miseducation.

     Male sensitivity is almost always seen as gay to other men right? Why? Is it because growing up you were learned to be "hard" or tough. Maybe you were always viewed that way out of obligation. You know the narrative, single mother raising small kids and you're the oldest. Or you're  the only boy between siblings. Right? Fact of the matter is we catch hell if we don't "stand up and take it like a man." Well what's that really like? What's taking it like anything have to do with having feelings. Being expressive about what men really feel throughout their lives as men. A lot of us can't really talk about what's really going on with us because of this reason. How do we teach this unspoken language to generations to come? Speaking from a male point of view about how we should conduct ourselves as heterosexual men with feelings, do we put down the discomfort of regret to be the men we're suppose to be? Do we shadow other men who have endured and those who have failed to know what it's all about? How do we as men discern the true values of men? Is it really by his character shall we be judged or might or money? In 40 yrs of life i felt I've walked in the parade of distinguished men, an entourage of awesomeness. I've served in many different capacities such as family man, husband, business man and friend. Sensitivity don't mean soft. I feel it represents the balance of power true men really have.  It's not about being able to cry. I feel it's more about the capacity to care. The patience of understanding and the compassion to be there unconditionally. Men can be funny, silly, charismatic and all those other qualities except for the s word. We will be clowned by our peers as well as the women we love, who by all means "don't want no sensitive man!" or is that the problems we also face, not having the know how to be able to be expressive? In the grand scheme of things, how do you judge/measure what it means to be a man with feelings?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I need that

Support what you love,
Love what you support.
Even if you don't agreed.....it's like leaving the house without a key.
It matters not, I know you got me."

That's the support I need....

His - story

I wanna write you in my story, but wait you're already there. 

Native tongue.

Monday, February 22, 2016


     Can you think of your most embarrassing moment? I can!!!!! I'm not talking about a time when your shoe was un-tied and you almost fell or when your pants wasn't zip and you instantly became a part of a peepshow.
Think about a time were it was the most ridiculous and embarrassing thing  that you've ever seen in your life. Crazy thing is, it's happening to you. Yeah that kind of ridiculousness.
Classic entertainment.
     There are many embarrassing moments in life but this one puts the icing on the cake. I was a junior in college, first semester or second, can't remember.
      Earlier in the week I sat down with my advisor about my senior year schedule and was on track to graduate the following year. Young kid from the hood. The projects, I grew up in a dilapidated/poverty-stricken  environment, many can relate with my social economic status. Needless to say, I was super excited and really felt I'd beat the odds. 
At the time, Kanye West first album was heavy on the air waves.
      We (da bruhs) were doing things our own way. It was interest week and we hosted this event, that at the time had been something new and innovative.
     Can't recall the name so we'll just say it was a talent event. So we (da bruhs) were on stage, as the co-host, I call the next act to the stage." (So and so) come on up." This young lady introduces the joke, little did I know it was rigged for me. "....'So and so' would graduate before the Joksta!!!" Me. The crowd went wild, laughing profusely. No doubt  it was extremely funny and the funniest part of the whole thing is it was 90% true... or maybe.
     I was in school nine years, I must admit, if it was up to me I would have quit a long time ago. But, no I  wasn't quitting, so oh well.
Anyway, the one thing in my head at the time the whole audience of about three hundred people laughing, I keep thinking "they don't know me, they know nothing about my story or struggle" so I shrugged it off in my head and I believe I had the most confused and embarrassed look on my face. Lol I was really at a lost. 
      I immediately  concluded this joke was the most belittling, funny, but not so funny joke on my behalf. Still in all it was classic. Reflecting on it, I relived that moment more than once and every time I reminisce I think that along with other things that happened to fuel me to not give up "til I got that paper" as unk use to say. 
All and all, you never know good or bad what might motivate someone to do what they need to for self. To say I'll show them or tuh they think I care what they think of me......Nope! 
Inspiration comes from experience directly or indirectly.  In reading this, may it inspire you to write encouragements to others. Peace and blessings


Monday, November 16, 2015

I don't wanna leave,  but I gotta go right now. 

 So black man, what shall thee leave behind?
 Or shall I say African king!!!?
Leave the ignorance behind, the shiftlessness alone, for it only consumes  you. Nothing new under the sun, but the contrary is you. Your mind and spirit shall be all a new. Through righteousness and truth you shall be transformed back to the African king that's asleep in you.
I say to you leave the booty, beer, and bullshit alone. Focus on building the bridges of father/son relationships and community focus groups for young kings rights of passage, like our traditions once were. We are singlehandedly suffering in silence while the world whispers words of inspiration or desperation for the true kings to stand and be spoken for. I say to you African that don't want to leave.... the bullshit gotta go right now!
Peace king!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Clarification of word play

Diction reverses the summation of what love is, purposefully wrapped in affection. Diction produces struggle within the framework of organization. Most Diction fabricates the core of understanding to be relevant to itself. Real Diction dictates trues to be trusted timelessly. What diction represent, represents work. Diction mis-educates, diction reinvigorates. Diction is the clarity of speech. Diction is obsolete. Diction is choice. Diction  provides a voice. Choose Diction or Diction will choose you....

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The continuum of George

After about six hours of protesting, George and uncle Clevis along with the workers from Ralph's doughnut shop didn't think they'd gotten the attention of the shop's owner. One of the persons in the crowd lit a match to a rag of gasoline in a bottle and threw it into the window of the shop. There was a loud explosion in the kitchen. The other workers there began frantically running in different paths trying to get themselves out of harms way. One worker had to be resuscitated after he was exposed to all the smoke from the fire. The owner who could have possibly prevented the whole thing stood helplessly watching his family owned business go up in flames. The police and other officials started to arrest several of whom they thought to be agitators including George and his uncle, throwing them into the back of the patty wagon. This was covered live on local tv's breaking news and CNN. George a heavy set young man had a hard time with the arresting officer, who couldn't cuff him properly so he had to secure him to a bench until they got to the station. George had never seen the back of a police vehicle and began to fear what might happen to him. Along the way to the precinct local Klansman follow the wagon throwing gas bombs and causing the truck to overturn. The accident was tragic. George, uncle Clevis and others were thrown from the vehicle into the woods, killing everyone else except for the 19 year old college student. George became very distraught and began to run to escape...... 

Stay tuned